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Usage, Types, Safety, and Maintenance of Ironworker

Ironworker is used in manufacturing and fabrication industry. It is a class of machine that operates to shear, notch, and punch in steel plate. The term ironworker is now referred to the class of machines created by different brands, even though there is also a brand name called Ironworker.

What are its uses and types?

The types of operations that can be performed using an ironworker machine are shearing, punching, notching, forming, bending, and other metal fabrication functions. Typically, this machine approximately measures over 6ft in height and can operate in precision. For the machine to handle the enormous force needed when it is used, it is also made of heavy steel. These machines are rated through the force they generate in terms of tons, ranging from 20 to as high as 150 tons.

Geka 110 Hydraulic Ironworker in action

What are the safety precautions for ironworker?

Even though ironworkers are used similarly as hammers and wrenches, it has its own safety precautions as well. Some machines have a number of stations that need boundaries surrounding them when producing the parts. Some recommendation is that each station must at least have 20 feet area around because most materials used range around this length.

How to take good care of an ironworker machine?

Just the same with other machines, regular maintenance is required. Through following the right procedures, your ironworker machine can go a long way to help you grow your business. This includes cleaning the contaminated fluid in the machine from time to time since this will affect the cutting operation. Another thing to keep in mind is to maintain proper clearance between the blades. Otherwise, it will damage the blade, blade pockets, and eventually the whole ironworker machine. There are also labels for the grease locations that needs to be greased every day. Make sure to remove dirt, dust, and grime in every working surface.

How ironworker helps improve manufacturing and fabrication?

Before companies began to use machines, a large amount of manpower and time had to be spent. But now, with the use of ironworkers, different operations can be managed by one person. Aside from saving time and cutting costs, it also increases productivity in manufacturing without compromising the precision of the operation.

How Machine Trading Center (MTC) can help?

Machine Trading Centre began its expertise in the metal machinery market in the 1980s. Until now, their previous clients are proof of the quality service they provide. Even though the machines are bought from them 3 decades ago, all are still working with the same consistency and accuracy. MTC is an official agent of top machine brands in Singapore such as Geka Ironworkers, Press Brakes, Shearing Machines, Plate Rolls & Profile Bending Machines. We ensure to provide the best ironworker for our clients.

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