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Plate Rolls

Plate Rolls and Information On Its Use, Types, and Maintenance

From the name itself, plate rolls or also known as plate rolling machine, roll bending machine, or sometimes, simply rolling machine, is used to roll different types of metal sheet to form a round or conical shapes.

What are the different kinds of plate rolls?

Metal plates can be rolled using different kinds of machines. There are 4 roller and 3 roller machines. Each kind has its own advantages when pressing and rolling metal plates. Some gives the ability to roll large thickness and diameters. Some lets you have a faster way of production. The right type of machine to use depends on what is the priority of the business.

Plate rolling machine in action

What are the safety procedures?

Plate rolls can be dangerous when proper bending process is neglected. The first point is to be certain of the right installation and the person to be assigned in handling it. These days, machines are now safer since there are emergency brake buttons and detached controls. Despite all these, being careful in using the machine and following the safety guidelines is still required.

How to keep plate rolling machines in good shape?

Since, there are different types of plate rolling machines, the requirements to maintain it can also vary. Some of them demand lesser maintenance than the others. But, still needs to be maintained, nonetheless. This includes applying lubricating oil to some surfaces of the machine and making sure that the process is strictly followed. Otherwise, it may only lessen the durability and performance. Another thing is to assess the rollers if they can function well without difficulty. Does it rotate freely? Are the movements smooth and normal as before? A regular check-up with the plate rolls can go a long way.

What are the advantages of using plate rolls?

There are plate rolls that allows you to create a more precise and versatile operations. This helps the company to be more productive, especially when it demands less operational duties from a person. Some plate rolls has a self brake main motor and separate electric control panel that makes it safer and easier to manage.

How Machine Trading Center (MTC) can help?

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