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Press Brakes

Press Brakes: Its Uses, Types, Maintenance, and Where Can You Get It

To simply define, it is a machine tool used to bend sheets and plate material or sheet metal. It clamps the workpiece between a matching punch and die to form a predetermined bends.

What are its uses and types?

As mentioned, it can be used to create different forming jobs with the right die designs – which can vary depends on the size of die opening, thickness of material, motion of the press, and other factors.

Did you know that in the past, there are only two options for the types of press brakes. These are mechanical and hydraulic. The setup time for these two demands a lot so shops tend to create many parts to be practical. As years passed by, there are other types of press brakes that don’t need long setup time but only the expertise of the operator.

What are the limitations of press brakes?

The load limit of press brakes is calculated in tons per inch in the center of the machine. When this limit is exceeded, the machine, tooling, or the material can be damaged. In some cases, forcing the machine can create permanent deformation.

There is a certain calculation to know the tons per inch load limit (multiply the distance between the side frames by 60 percent, and divide the result into the machine tonnage). There are circumstances when the operate must know the weight in tons required to form a part. But, this depends whether the process is bottom-bending, coining, or air bending. A knowledgeable operator is needed to keep the press brake working for a long time.

How to maintain the quality of press brakes?

The same with its limitations, the operators must know when the maintenance should take place. Otherwise, the machine may not function well. The procedures of maintaining include periodic oil changes, filter changes, lubrication, and proper machine level.

How Machine Trading Center (MTC) can help?

Ever since the humble beginnings of MTC in the metal machinery market during 1980s, we strive to provide the right manufacturing machine for our clients. We distribute from top machine brands to give clients the suitability, quality, and serviceability that they need. This assurance came from from the experiences of our past clients. The machines that we provided still has the same quality and consistency even when they started using it three decades ago.

MTC can help you find quality press brakes for your company. We are an official distributor for the Singapore brands and machining products such as: Geka Ironworkers, Shearing Machines, Press Brakes, Profile Bending Machines & Plate Rolls.

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