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Shearing Machines

What You Need to Know About Shearing Machines

Technically, the process of “shearing” refers to the use of straight cutting blades. It is also known as die cutting wherein the procedure includes cutting materials without forming chips or using burning and melting. This can be done through the use of shearing machines where rotary disks and blades are used to cut hard iron and metal sheets or bars.

What are the uses and types of shearing machines?

Commonly, sheet metal or plates are used as shearing materials. It can include operations like blanking, piercing, roll slitting, trimming, and metal working. Another process is called straight shearing and is typically done on sheet metal, coils, and plates.

This is done through shear machines with upper and lower blade. These two are forced together to cut the sheet material. In some machines, the lower blade is stationary and the upper portion is the one being forced downward. These blades are usually square-edged and made of, but not limited to materials such as low alloy steel and high-carbon steel. A common shearing machine has a table with support arms to hold, stop, guide, secure, or gauge the sheet precisely.

What are its safety precautions?

To prevent unnecessary injuries, safety guidelines are provided when using shearing machines. Apart from having the right knowledge on using the machine, assessing the whole machine and its surroundings before proceeding with the operation is a must. In case, the machine is malfunctioning, make sure to stop the operation and turn the power off.

What’s the proper maintenance for shearing machines?

Every machine need its own sort of periodic maintenance to perform its duties. Since, shearing machine tool is used to cut materials, sharpening is required to prevent poor quality of cutting. Each type of shear has proper sharpening equipment that differs from the others. There is no need to worry because there are distributors who will give a recommended maintenance schedule and specific types of products and materials.

How Machine Trading Center (MTC) can help?

Shearing machines give faster and more accurate performance in factories. MTC has been in the metal machinery industry for more than thirty years. Within those times, we have accumulated the necessary expertise to provide the right products to our customers. We are also the official distributor of machine products such as ironworkers, press brakes, plate rolls and profile bending machines. Our former clients can guarantee our quality service. The machines they bought three decades ago are still used until now in their company, all with the same consistency as before. We ensure to provide the best shearing machines for our clients.

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